Flat Day the 13th’s Friendly Festivities

Did you guess what today is? That’s right… it’s Friday the 13th! While we typically associate Friday the 13th with October, the conditions for this special day can happen up to 3 times a year! 2019 actually had 2 Friday the 13ths, but to extend our Halloween in December theme, we wanted to save Flat Day the 13th for today!

To celebrate, we’ve activated 2x points on all Flat Friends activity (excluding Fancy Flats)! If you’ve capped all the Flat Friends near you, fear not — you can stock up on some more at a 13% discount! Just head to the Freeze Tag Store!

Due to unforeseen issues, 2x points for all Flat Friend activity will be extended until 23:59 MHQ on Dec 15th, 2019. The 13% off Flat Friends sale will also now end at 23:59 MHQ on Dec 15th, 2019 so don’t delay in getting 2-dimensional!

Hurry up before our friends flatten out!