Fitbit Re-Authorization for Munzee

UPDATE: We will be updated the Munzee Fitness data on Monday at 00:01 CST so that all data from January is collected. The If your data hasn’t been collected and you reauthorize your Fitbit before then, the information will be included.


We experienced an issue that we had some Munzee Fitness authorization tokens expire and were deleted from the database automatically. Those of you who noticed you had to reauthorize several times a week were experiencing the issue. (See image below.)








The issue has been addressed and going forward, you (hopefully) shouldn’t have to reauthorize again. If you look at your Fitbit profile settings under Applications, you’ll notice Munzee is still authorized, but we may not have a current token in our database. Reauthorizing gives us a new token we can store. (See image below.)

Edit Profile My Applications






Coincidentally, if you ever want to revoke access for Munzee or any other application, that is the place to do it. Simply click the Revoke button.

If you continue to have issues, please contact Thank you, and Munzee on!