Dinner is Served with Korea Global Grub!

Chu ka he yo! Are you feeling hungry? Hopefully you’ve left some room in your stomach, because we have a brand new Global Grub hitting the map! Korea Global Grub will officially start bouncing around today at 15:00 MHQ time!

This time around we’re feeling extra generous with the servings, as FIVE Korea Global Grub Munzees will be deployed. This physical bouncer will bounce to Greenies every 12 hours or when captured.


  • Cap: 200
  • CapOn (Host): 100

Have you captured any of our tasty Global Grubs yet? We now have a number of them bouncing around the map, including Mexico, France, Thailand, and Australia. Players will earn a special badge containing a dish of food that is unique to the flag pin country each time a Global Grub is capped. Capturing a Korea Global Grub special will award you the following tasty badge:

If you’ve never treated yourself to Korean cuisine, there are so many dishes you need to try! However, kimchi has cemented its legacy as one of the most reliable staple dishes for traditional Korean dining. This side dish of salted and fermented vegetables that are finely seasoned is s great introductory meal to whet your taste buds. You can even pick up some cabbage and prepare it at home!

The Global Grub specials will bounce around the globe for the remainder of the year before leaving the map on 12/31/2019 at 23:59 MHQ time. You will have until then to try your luck capturing these very rare specials!  We will also be putting out an overall capture line in the future, so make sure to stay turned for more exciting Global Grub updates!

Munzee on!