Destination Renovation Part 3: Hotels!

There’s a reason we included Hotels as one of the types you can earn Candy Corn Credits from — not only does it perfectly fit in with our Halloween theme, it also was the next on our list for an upgrade! It’s been tough to rework these more complex game pieces, but we are excited to announce that Destination Renovations are now LIVE for Hotel Munzees!

This new feature will allow players to renovate Hotels and add additional rooms for even more capping fun. You’ll be able to renovate any Hotel Munzee (whether you own it or not) on both the web and Munzee app. Find a breakdown of all the details below!

Hotel Details

Hotel Munzees are now on a star-based system like Virtual Resorts and Motels. Each star ranking equals 5 rooms, so effective immediately all original Hotel Munzees have been converted into 2-Star Hotels. The icon images on the map are currently updating, but if you do see a “blank” or original Hotel icon please note, that is indeed a 2-Star Hotel. The image caching should be resetting throughout this first day or so.

Renovating Hotels will offer the following:

  • 2-Star Hotel: 10 Rooms (Standard Hotel)
  • 3-Star Hotel: 15 Rooms
  • 4-Star Hotel: 20 Rooms

By renovating you could be a part of a 4-Star Hotel that is worth a substantial amount of points! Every time you Renovate a Hotel you’ll earn 50 points as well, so get your construction hat on!

The Destination Renovation is currently only available for Hotel, Virtual Resort, and Motel Munzees aka Destination Munzees!

So how do you Renovate a Hotel? The same way as Renovating a Motel! Check out our Help Guide article if you need a refresher!

All Hotel Munzee credits have now been converted into Destination Credits. Players will need Destination Credits to renovate and deploy Hotels. You will see this conversion documented at as 2 destination credits for each hotel credit you owned.

  • Renovating a Hotel = 1 Destination Credit per 5 rooms
  • Deploying a new 2 star Hotel = 2 Destination Credits

Don’t forget to check if you already have Destination Credits in your inventory! Otherwise, you can purchase Destination Credits in the Freeze Tag Online Store and the In-App Store (click HERE if you’re on your Munzee-playing device), so be sure to stock up in case you come across any Hotels, Virtual Resorts, or Motels with no vacancy!

We hope you’re raring to use more Destination Credits with this new option! We’re always looking for ways to refresh the map and add value to game pieces you may already own!

Munzee on!