Cut Off Date for Customised Christmas Events

We’ve been overwhelmed with the response for Christmas Party events. The amount of submissions is requiring us to make a cut off date so that all requested customised badges and icons can be completed in time. No further submissions for customised badges and icons for December will be accepted after 17:00 CST tomorrow, November 4th.


We have, however, drawn up generic badges and icons that can be customised with event names so that hosts can still be in for the Artful Dodger and/or Full Turkey Dinner levels. We want to make sure we provide the best service possible, so please contact Louise straight away if you’re interested in fully customised artwork for your December event.


Also, it seems some event submissions aren’t going through correctly, so if you have attempted to contact us for an event and haven’t heard back, please email Louise directly at so she can get your request in before the cut off time.


Thank you, and grow the map!