It’s Alive! Frankenstein Specials for Halloween!

It’s almost Halloween, we thought we’d have a little fun (remember, #DontTellRob). From 00:01 MHQ Time on October 30th (tomorrow) until 23:59 MHQ Time on November 8th, you’ll have the chance to build your own6FINAL_720
monster! The only catch? You have to collect all of the parts.

Bag_720There will 1915 bags on greenies around the world. To complete your monster, you will have to capture 6 of these bags. Each one will give you a new part on your monster. After the 6th capture, you’ll have a complete monster and earn a special badge. Any subsequent captures will be surprise parts for your monster.

The icons will bounce every six hours or when captured. You will earn 18 points for capping the icons, and the owner of the host Munzee will also earn 18 points. The special map for these is

Start capping and show us your best Frankenstein impressions!