Communication is Key

There’s been some discussion regarding communication between Munzee and our players. We would like to clear up some of these topics.

First off, our official communication channels. When Munzee first started, we wanted to be accessible and monitor the pulse of the game very closely. In doing so, many members of Team Munzee were very active in unofficial groups and information was spread in multiple places. As the game and our business have grown, we’ve had to distance ourselves in some respects. Everyone plays the game their own way and though we would love to be able to take every request personally, we don’t all have the time to do so. From this point forward, all communications regarding gameplay changes, official announcements, etc. will come through this blog. Blog posts will still be linked through Munzee social media channels, but information will always lead back to here. We will still be posting daily on social media with content such as #MunzeeFound and game-related questions/discussions. If you would like to contact MHQ, we ask that you use official channels as well. Going toΒ will provide you with the options you need to get in touch with us.

Secondly, the Munzee 3.0 app. As we’ve said before, Munzee has changed quite a bit since the beginning. We wanted to redesign the app to represent how far we’ve come and make it easier to update as we move forward. Part of this change to 3.0 requires us to stop the functionality of the 2.x versions of the apps. This decision was not taken lightly. We had many discussions internally about the future of the Munzee app, and for technological and financial, we had to make this choice.

As with all major updates and changes like this one, there are some compatibility issues and bugs in the code. Our developers are constantly working to improve the app for everyone. We take player suggestions and requests very seriously. Though we cannot always implement these ideas or detail what’s to come in the future, we want to ensure you that we do review the submissions we receive.

Lastly, our ever growing suite of apps. In the past year, we’ve added quite a few new apps to our repertoire. These apps take a lot of time to design, program, test, etc., and we try to maintain current apps while developing new apps and features the best we can. Our developers are dedicated to making their projects the best they can, and we’re in the process of structuring our teams to streamline these development processes. We have not, and will never, forget any of our apps or players who use those apps. There are always more features and updates in the pipeline. We will have more information on some of these changes very soon.

From everyone at MHQ, we want to thank you for playing Munzee. We are making it a priority to communicate pertinent information more effectively as we move forward. We hope you will like what’s to come, and grow the map!