Introducing the Zodiac Munzee Line

When we launched the MunzPak service, we wanted to provide subscribers with new munzees and exclusive launches. With the October MunzPak, we will be doing just that. It will include the beginning of a new line of munzees: The Zodiac Munzees. These are physical stickers, not credits or virtuals.

scorpio_Icon_128Each month will include a new member of the Zodiac line, starting with Scorpio in October. Every Zodiac will be worth 10 deploy, capture, and cap on points. During the zodiac’s range, however, those numbers will double. For example, if a Scorpio is deployed or captured between October 23rd and November 21st, it will be worth 20 capture, deploy, and cap on points. Players will also earn a corresponding badge when they deploy a Zodiac Munzee. You can also see this information atย Zodiac stickers will be mailed each month in the MunzPak and available exclusively in this program.

October’s MunzPak will include 5 Scorpio Munzees, 1 Ruby Munzee, 1 Hotel Munzee, 1 Virtual Amethyst Munzee, and a $5 gift certificate to the Munzee Store that will be emailed to you.

If you aren’t currently a MunzPak subscriber and want to get September’s Virtual MunzPak, you can still subscribe before the end of the month. Once your subscription has processed this is your renewal date. If you would like to move that date forward in October you can email us on the date you would like your October’s MunzPakย to be processed at **We are only able to move your subscription to the current date**