Clan Wars : April Revisited

This is an updated post with lower, more manageable goals based on player feedback. Team Munzee looks forward to a fun and spirited competition this month.

The month of April welcomes Spring in the Northern hemisphere and Fall in the Southern hemisphere. It is the beginning of nicer temperatures (generally speaking) for all players worldwide.  Therefore it makes sense that we celebrate this with the most even and fair clan war in the history of Munzee clan wars.

April will be based solely on your activity! That’s right we are looking for April Activity Points! 1 capture = 1 point. 1 deploy = 1 point. *Socials are excluded from these calculations. Beyond the exclusion of socials there are no special requirements for certain types of Munzees for April.  It’s all about your level of activity!

1K Fun Run:  All 10 members must earn 56 action points each.  Email QR code for additional points.
5K Race:  All 10 members must earn 112 action points each.  Rewarded with 1 Munzee mace.
Marathon:  All 10 members must earn 252 action points each.  Rewarded with 1 Munzee longsword.
IronMan:  All 10 members must earn 600 action points each.  Rewarded with 2 Munzee longswords and 2 Munzee maces.

It should also be clarified that the scoreboard will calculate the number of Action Points for each team. The “real” points (3, 5, 25, etc.) you earn for captures and deploys will not effect clan ranking, but will continue to build on your regular player account score.

We look forward to seeing how active YOU can be during the month of April!

**Remember your clan must have 10 members to qualify for rewards!**