Candy Corn Credit and Koobas Sale!

With less than 3 days left until November, it’s crunch time for our Halloween-themed releases. By popular demand, we’ve put a few items for sale in the Freeze Tag Store that should help round out your month!

Last Chance at Koobas!

While Koobas was in the store quite recently during the ZEE-Dayz period, it did take a little break and disappeared (perhaps using a Void Mystery) for a bit. If you were hoping to pick one up, it’s back in the store until 12:00 MHQ on Monday, November 1st. You can shop Koobas HERE!

Need a refresher on how Koobas works? Check out its debut blog post!

Candy Corn at the Freeze Tag Store!

We were surprised to hear that some players were interested in buying Candy Corn Credits — we thought everyone would have too many to know what to do with by the end of the month! But maybe you’ve been unlucky with the munzees near you, or, on the other hand, perhaps you’ve been making great use of them and just need a few more to tide you over. We’ll be holding a super-limited time sale on Candy Corn Credits for less than 48 hours, from 12:00 MHQ on Monday, November 1st to 17:00 MHQ on Tuesday, November 2nd. If you’re interested, you can purchase a pack of 100 Candy Corn Credits for $5 when the sale starts HERE! Limit one pack per player.

As we’re close to the end of the month, please keep in mind the deadlines we announced in our original CCC post:

  • Candy Corn Credits can be earned from 00:01 MHQ on Friday, October 1st to 23:59 MHQ on Sunday, October 31st.
  • Candy Corn Credits can only be redeemed until 02:30 MHQ on Wednesday, November 3rd (when November Clan Wars starts).

Make sure to head to the Redeem Store and check out all 4 “Halloween” tabs to use up as much of your CCC as you can! You may find a new item there as we get closer to November 3!

We hope you get your fill of Candy Corn before the month’s over!

Munzee on!