Can You Fix Our Ties?

For this set of specials, we wanted to try something a little different — instead of starting them around the special day we’re celebrating, we are having them lead up to the day — kind of like our delayed MHQ Bash we’re hoping to have next year in May (? fingers crossed!). So, as Bow Tie Day is on the 28th, starting at 12:00 MHQ today, Bow Ties will bounce around the map until 23:59 MHQ on August 29th.

A total of 704 Bow Tie specials will be unleashed! That breaks down into 88 of each of the 8 bow ties. They will bounce around every 4 hours or when capped.

You can find these colorful accessoreez at the following:

  • Greenies
  • Premium Munzees
  • Jewels
  • Gaming:
    • Prize Wheel
      • Does not award prizes when captured again
    • Sir Prize Wheel
      • Does not award prizes when captured again
  • Virtual Colors
  • Places:
    • University
    • Museum
    • Historical
    • Cinema
    • Drink Depot


  • Capture: 128 points
  • CapOn: 28 points

Bow Ties will be attracted to Magnets. To access these specials, please turn on your “All Expiring Specials” and “All Limited Edition Specials” filters.


There will be nine badges to earn for these specials. Eight of them will require you to capture a certain number of these specials. The final badge requires you to capture each of the Bow Ties shown above! You can see the first badge below:

Step 1. Measure- Capture one Bow Tie special of any type.

It’s up to you to find the bow ties for the remaining 8 badges! Cap as many of these specials as you can to set yourself up for success!

Munzee on!