Shield Stats

It’s been said that the best defense is a good offense — and while we’ve certainly been focusing on that for Clan Weapons, there’s something to be said about shields that can protect you from a fatal blow! In our regular Clan Wars post last month, we teased that a new Clan Weapon was coming — it’s here now and ready for you to use!

Shield Details

Shields are temporary virtual Clan Weapons. You can redeem your Weapon Shards for them at the Redeem Store. Shields will stay on the map until it has been captured 6 times, when it will be archived on your account. Since this is the first time a game piece will have this specific combination of properties, there may be some kinks to work out, so we thank you in advance for your patience.

The points for Shields are as follows:

  • Deploy: 35 points
  • Capture: 40 points
  • CapOn: 40 points

Shields will be blastable and magnetizable, allowing you to more easily cap a bouncer that favors Clan Weapons! We’ve increased the types that fall under that category, so here’s an updated list:

  • Trojan Unicorn
  • Myths:
    • Dragon
    • Cyclops
  • Myth Variants:
    • Battle Unicorn
    • Dwarf Leprechaun
    • Wyvern Dragon
    • Griffin Pegasus
    • Centaur Faun
    • Cerberus Hydra
    • Minotaur Cyclops
    • Balor Cyclops
    • Elf Nymph

Please make sure to check how many times the Shield has already been captured BEFORE magnetizing to make sure you get the full use of your magnet!

You can access Shields under the “All Own Clan” filter.


With the release of this new Clan Weapon, we also developed a new badge line for forging Clan Weapons! Keep an eye out for more info on this soon!

We hope this new game piece proves to be an effective addition to your armory!

Munzee On!