Camp Competition Week 3

It’s time for another weekly check-in! We’re now in the home stretch, but we still wanted to give you some reminders as you continue Camp Munzee gameplay!

By now you should be familiar with CuppaZee’s Camps Leaderboard — but we don’t mind linking to it again! Maybe the only time you check it is when you read through this post!

Active players on ALL teams will receive prizes each week! Prizes for the previous week were awarded on Monday. If you were active (i.e. captured a munzee) during Week 2 and did not receive a prize (check your Item History on the Credits page), please e-mail Prizes for this week are starting to be awarded TODAY! It may take a while for everyone to receive their prizes, so please wait a few days before e-mailing Support about Week 3 prizes.

As we stated in the original blog post, the top team at the final check-in will receive double points on certain Myth captures for a whole month! We’re also planning to award additional prizes, but you’ll just have to wait and see!

Now that we’ve got all of that out the way, it’s time to announce the results for the past week! Congratulations to Camp FrEEZ for keeping its place at the top!

We’d also like to congratulate Camp Cap-A-Lot for attaining the 2nd Place spot! The point differences between the camps are smaller than the previous weeks, which shows that all camps are working hard and that you have to fight to keep your spot! Just one more week left — keep up the good work!

Lastly, if you missed our quick social post last week, we just wanted to let you know that you can purchase Camp Personal Tags in the store! You can find them in the Camp Munzee Collection HERE!

Munzee on!