Combat Cabin Fever by Capturing Competing Camp Specials!

Whether or not you’re able to attend a Camp Munzee event near you, we want everyone to join in on the fun for our 9th Birthday! Get ready for some friendly competition as we pit our players against each other in Water Wars and Capture Zee Flag with Competing Camp specials!

Camp Competition

We’ve divided up active players randomly into 4 “Camps” to compete for prizes by capturing Competing Camp specials!

Will you wander into the wilderness with Camp Cap-A-Lot?

Perhaps you’re building pillow forts at home with Camp QRantine!

If it’s a bit chillier on your side of the world maybe you’re with Camp FrEEZ!

Or maybe you’re ready for interstellar exploration with Camp KenneZEE?

It’s up to you to lead your camp towards victory! This competition will be based on your camp’s overall Water Balloon and Flag bouncer captures. You can find out more about these specials below.

There will be prizes at stake each week, with the largest prizes awarded at the final check-in. Active players in all camps will receive a prize each week, but, as you may expect, the best prize will go to players in the 1st Place camp.

We don’t want to spoil all the prizes just yet, but we’re excited to announce that the winning camp overall will get, among other prizes, double points on certain Myth captures for a whole month!

The weekly winnings check-in schedule is as follows:

  • Thursday, July 16th at 12:00 MHQ
  • Thursday, July 23rd at 12:00 MHQ
  • Thursday, July 30th at 12:00 MHQ
  • Tuesday, August 11th at 12:00 MHQ — Final Award ceremony!

We’ll post on social media about the results each week, but to aid you in tracking your team’s progress we’ve partnered with CuppaZee to develop a leaderboard special for this event! You can check it out HERE!

Water Wars and Capture Zee Flag

Competing Camp specials are broken down into two different types of bouncers: Water Balloons and Camp Flags. Both types of specials are now live on the map for everyone and will remain available until August 9 at 23:59 MHQ. You can use the “All Expiring Specials” and “All Limited Edition Specials” filters to more easily view them on the map. There are quite a few different specials, so check out a breakdown of each below!

Water Balloons

There will be 1,596 Water Balloon Specials available for capture on the map — that breaks down to 399 of each type. These are attracted to Virtual Magnets. None of these specials are blastable.

For the Camp Competition leaderboard each Water Balloon capture will count as 1 point. Please note that this is different than the actual capture points a player will earn. This secondary point structure is just for tallying the Camp leaderboard.

Landing Pads:

  • All Virtual Colors

Bounce Time:

  • every 4 hours


  • Capture: 99
  • CapOn: 19

Camp Flags

In addition to the Water Balloons there will also be four rare Camp Flag Specials bouncing around the map! There will be a total of 36 Camp Flag Specials available for capture — that breaks down to 9 of each type. More Camp Flags may be crafted as Camp Directors see fit! These are attracted to both Physical or Virtual Magnets on their respective landing pads. These are officially tPOBs on the Munzee Camp account and are not blastable.

Since these are more rare each Camp Flag capture will count as 5 points on the Camp Competition leaderboard. As stated above please note that this is different than the actual capture points a player will earn. This secondary point structure is just for tallying the Camp leaderboard.

Landing Pads:

Bounce Times:

  • every 2 hours


  • Capture: 199
  • CapOn: 19


There are three lines of badges related to Competing Camp specials.

The first line is based on the Camp you’ve been assigned to — think of it as a Membership Badge! These badges feature a shirt with your camp’s logo so wear it with pride!

The second line is based on overall Water Balloon captures. These badges will give you some high-utility upgrades to your watery weapons. You can see the first badge in this line below:

Little Water Pistol – Capture at least one Water Balloon special of any type.

The third line of badges is based on capping unique Camp Flags. There will be one badge featuring the hidden home base for each camp. Make sure to cap at least one of each flag so you can be the king or queen of all four camps! You can sneak a peek at Camp Cap-A-Lot’s home base badge below:

Cap-A-Lot Cabin- Capture at least one Camp Cap-A-Lot Red Flag

Help cheer on your camp by purchasing Camp Spirit merch! The online collection includes a number of different products featuring the four camp logos. Whether you want to wear camp style with a shirt, or sip camp spirit with a tin mug, we’ve got you covered! Check out the whole collection HERE!

We hope this injects a bit of fun into your summer and gets you into the spirit of our Camp-themed 9th Birthday Celebration! If you love this artwork, look for it and so much more on our sister app, WallaBee!

Munzee on!