Camp Competition Week 2

It’s time for another weekly check-in! We’re halfway through, but we still wanted to give you some reminders as you continue Camp Munzee gameplay!

If you haven’t done so already, bookmark CuppaZee’s Camps Leaderboard so you can quickly check on your Camp’s progress whenever you like!

Remember that active players on ALL teams will receive prizes each week; players from the top team will just get the most of whatever it is we decide to give, and players from the second place team will get slightly less than the top team, and so on…

As we stated in the original blog post, the top team at the final check-in will receive double points on certain Myth captures for a whole month! We’re also planning to award additional prizes, but you’ll just have to wait and see!

Now that we’ve got all of that out the way, it’s time to announce the results for the past week! Congratulations to Camp FrEEZ for keeping its place at the top!

We’d also like to congratulate Camp KenneZEE and Camp Cap-A-Lot as well for rising up in the ranks! We noticed that the rankings kept changing, all the way up until the last minute. We’re happy to see that players from all camps are putting in the effort and keeping things interesting. We hope that fighting spirit remains until the end of the competition!

Lastly, if you’re proud to be in your camp, don’t forget to commemorate this special time with some Camp Merch! You can view the Camp Munzee Collection HERE!

Munzee on!