Brighten a Friend’s Day with a Greeting Card Munzee!

One positive outcome of stay-at-home orders is having more time to catch up with friends. While technology allows us to quickly send a message to a friend or like one of their posts, we also appreciate the effort and uniqueness of a handwritten letter. This newest Munzee type is our marriage of the two!

We are happy to announce the Greeting Card Munzee is now available for purchase! You can pick up Greeting Card Munzees from the Freeze Tag Online Store HEREYou receive multiple munzees from your single purchase. Read the details in the store, or see below.

Greeting Card Munzee Details

The Greeting Card joins the Temporary Virtual as a temporary virtual type. This unique munzee type is meant to work as a gift that players can deploy near one another to let them know they’re thinking about them. At launch there will be 6 different Greeting Card types, but expect more to be released in the future!

Capturing a Greeting Card Munzee

Greeting Cards will appear on the map as the base envelope icon above. Similar to a Reseller Munzee, once you cap it, you’ll be able to see which type of Greeting Card you received — just like opening an envelope in real life!

If you see the envelope pin above on the map near you, make sure to cap it right away — you don’t want your Munzee friends to feel ignored! The Greeting Card munzee will be archived 7 days after it is deployed. All greeting cards are available for ALL players to capture.

Currently there are 6 different Greeting Cards in 2 categories you can receive:

  • Open Edition (will always be available) ONE Purchase yields FOUR munzees
    • Birthday
    • Get Well
  • Limited Edition (will rotate depending on occasion)  ONE Purchase yields THREE munzees
    • Stay Home
    • Earth Day 1
    • Earth Day 2
    • Earth Day 3

As a special gift, everyone who has clicked attending on the Global QRantine event has been awarded one Stay Home card as well. Be sure to communicate with your fellow players and deploy this new type near one another!

Capture Radius: 500 feet, blastable

Point structure for capturing a Greeting Card munzee varies by Edition, as you can see below:


  • 40 points for Open Edition
  • 50 points for Limited Edition


  • 25 points for Open Edition
  • 30 points for Limited Edition

To access the Greeting Card munzee, turn on the specific filter under “Virtual – Others” or “Premium – All Expiring Specials” filter.

Deploying a Greeting Card Munzee

The Greeting Card Munzee will be visible when the Temp Virtual Deploy Mode Filter is active. When you deploy a Greeting Card Munzee, you will see the pin image of the card option you chose on the map. However, as stated above, others will only see the envelope pin image on the map until they capture it.

When a Greeting Card munzee is captured, your Munzee username will show up in the capture message! We suggest editing the Title and Notes in the Munzee Details as well, to add a more personal touch!

Deploy Radius: 150 feet from own, 50 feet from others

Point structure for deploying a Greeting Card munzee varies by Edition, as you can see below:


  • 50 points for Open Edition
  • 60 points for Limited Edition


There will be 3 badge lines to enjoy along with these Greeting Cards! They are distributed as follows: 5 capture badges, 3 deploy badges, and 4 total points badges, for a total of 12 badges to collect. You can see the first of each of these badge lines below!

For more information on the Greeting Card Munzee, you can check out our Help Guide article.

Munzee on!


The limited edition Clan War greeting card!

click here to find out how to earn one!