Go The Distance This Weekend!

This weekend we want to help you go the distance, even if you can’t go very far! All Virtual Colors now have a 1000 ft ⬆️ capture radius, and all Places Munzees have had their capture radius doubled! Yes, that includes Airports ✈️! However, this radius extension does not apply to any bouncing munzees that land on these munzee types — you’ll still have to make the effort if you want the high value munzees! This will last until noon MHQ on Monday April 20!

We hope extending the capture radiuses helps those of you stuck at home to have a little farther reach for some weekend fun. For those who can adventure a bit more freely this should help you reach even more munzees too!

Don’t forget to join the Global QRantine event this month and to cap hidden Event Munzees as they pop up. You may also earn something special today if you take a look at our social pages…

Keep safe and Munzee on!