All NEW Gaming Credit Pack and the March Clan Wars Collection!

March Clan Wars have started! For this month’s requirements you’ll notice several types will be needed to reach your goal. To help we’ve put together the March Clan Wars Collection so you can stock up on everything you need. We’re also excited to announce the all NEW Gaming Credit Pack as well as the return of Prize Wheel Munzee credits in the online store!

Please note that the Gaming Credit Pack is only available in our online store, not the new In-App Store. You can also shop the whole March Clan Wars Collection by clicking HERE!

Gaming Credit Pack- Purchase HERE!

  • 1 Prize Wheel Munzee Credit
  • 1 RPS Munzee Credit
  • 1 Urban Fit Munzee Credit
  • 1 Physical Joystick Munzee Credit
  • 1 Bowling Ball Credit

Prize Wheel Credit- Purchase HERE!

Prize Wheel Credits have made a rare return to the online store! Each player can purchase up to 20 Prize Wheel credits every 10 days. Prize Wheels may also be getting an update soon so stock up now!

500 Zeds- Purchase HERE!

In case you missed it we also added a 500 pack of Zeds to the online store. This currency will allow you to purchase items like the Virtual StarterPak, MEGA Blasts, Packs with Booster Credits, and more from the In-App Store!

We hope these will help out with this month’s Clan War requirements!

Munzee On!