Turn Your December Event into a Christmas Party!

We hope you are having something to look forward to each month with our Monthly Munzee Events!

? We’ve got a new Add-On Package you can upgrade your December Monthly Event with – it’s time to plan Christmas Parties! If you’ve already bought a December Event Package, contact Louise at events@munzee.com with your event number, desired badge design, badge text, and icon to add this to your event. If you haven’t bought a December Event Package yet, what are you waiting for?!

We are offering a great add-on package available for December Monthly Events:

For $50 you will get the following:

  • Choice of a badge and icon from these options shown above
    • Badge is customisable with event name / location
  • Emerald Pin for all attendees
    • The pool is being refreshed and requests for new emerald gardens should be emailed to events@munzee.com please!
  • 50 Exclusive Munzee Event Christmas Party 2022 cards

If you haven’t already, the first step is to get your event on the calendar: https://calendar.munzee.com/submit

Then purchase the 2022 Monthly Event Package for December using your event token received via email: https://store.freezetag.com/collections/event-packages

You will then receive an email which kickstarts your communication with Louise so you can work on getting your event set up! From there let Louise know you want to upgrade your December event with the Christmas Party Add-On — don’t forget to mention your desired badge design, badge text, and icon! — and she will send you an invoice.

We look forward to seeing all your events on the calendar and celebrating the holidays with you! ?

Munzee on!

**Event accounts are only to be used for deploying munzees for the event. Capturing munzees, completing ZeeOps, earning and using additional prizes, and any other “normal” gameplay on the event account is a violation of the code of conduct.