The Nomad Munzees Have Escaped

Every munzee type has it’s own personality. Greenies are the dependable ones, always there for you and providing constant support. Mysteries are the wildcards, rarely the same but always fun. The gems are ever perfect and very rare. Then, of course, there are the specials. Those guys are erratic. Sometimes even Team Munzee has a hard time figuring them out. We let them loose every once in a while, but they always come back to us to prepare for their next release. There’s one group, however, that has escaped, and this time, they’re not coming back.

Today, 10 Nomad Munzees escaped into the wild. Instead of trying to reign them back in, we’re going to let them roam around. The problem is thatNomadGreen_128 NomadVirt_128
they are kind of slow. They need you to help them along their journeys. How? We’re glad you asked.

These 10 Nomads will be bouncing all over the world, 5 on greenies and 5 on regular virtuals, Mystery Virtual Munzees, and white MVMs. They use so much energy to travel across the world so quickly that they need to rest on their host munzees for 12 hours. If you capture them, however, they can go instantly. In return for your help, you’ll be rewarded with 100 capture points and the host of the munzee that they’re staying on will be rewarded with 20 capture on points. You can find out where they are by going to

Don’t be alarmed when you see these guys out in the wild. They just want to travel and see the world. We’re going to let them, and you should help them out.