The Legend of the Pink Diamond

It’s been almost a month since the Dragons unleashed their fury upon the Munzee map. Traversing the globe and igniting fires has led to chaos among the other two Mythological Munzees. They say beauty comes from chaos, though, and we have stumbled upon some of that beauty.


Among the riches that the Dragons were guarding, we found a never before seen gem. This diamond is believe to have been altered by the fire and strength of the Dragons. It gleams a light shade and has become known as the Pink Diamond. While the history of the Pink Diamond isn’t completely known, we do know the point structure of it:

Deploy: 45 points

Capture: Split of 25 points with owner; minimum of 5 points

CapOn: Split of 25 points with capper; minimum of 5 points

(Examples: 20 points for capper, 5 points for owner; 10 points for capper, 15 points for owner)

The rarity of the Pink Diamond is similar to the Topaz Munzee. As such, the Pink Diamond will be a MunzPak exclusive. It will be introduced for the first time in August’s MunzPak. If you’re not yet a MunzPak subscriber, you can visit to join and be one of the first players to get your hands on one!

Have fun hunting the new Pink Diamond, and Munzee on!