Snag a Spot in our NEW Pop-Up Gardens!

We’ve created “gardens” in 7 new locations that are old-school hot spots! At each of the locations listed below, there will be 2 gardens. One garden will be composed entirely of Virtual Colors, while the other will be composed entirely of Flats, excluding the Flat RUM (as they are exclusive products that you can only get from our Authorized Resellers). Each garden will contain around 50 pins in a simple rectangle shape, just like the Emerald Gardens for last year’s Christmas Event Packages.


  1. Sydney
  2. Helsinki
  3. Disneyland
  4. Disney World (at Disney Springs)
  5. Mall of America
  6. Köln
  7. London


Starting NOW! No specific end date — until all the gardens are filled!


We chose the locations above with newer players in mind: being old-school hot spots, that means they’ve been covered with munzees since the early days of the app.


You can secure your spot in these gardens at the links below! As usual, the ZeeQRew listing offers the pins at a 10% discount.

As these garden pins are deployed via a special process, their deploys will award 100 points, regardless of the type deployed. Capture and CapOn points will award the usual points specific to the type.

We hope you’ll join us in making these old-school hot spots cool with more virtual munzees!

Munzee on!