Share Your Munzee Toolkits with the Player Community!

One of the best parts about Munzee is that you can play how you want. Everyone goes about playing a bit differently, and that leads to some very creative and innovative uses of objects. From containers to bags to maintenance, we always encounter something new when we meet players. We want to showcase your Munzee Toolkits to see how you play the game and possibly even inspire other players who may need help!

Building Your Kit

What does a Munzee Toolkit look like? A good Munzee Toolkit contains many different compartments that make it easier to keep all of your munzees sorted. Below you can check out a Munzee Toolkit courtesy of MHQ’s own matthewmccann:

In addition to keeping your munzees neat and sorted, Munzee Toolkits such as this make for convenient ways to grab your munzees on the go in order to maximize deploy opportunities. In addition to the physical toolkit box, dedicated players sometimes choose to carry entire bags filled with a variety of handy items that can assist on your Munzee adventures. These items can include anything from packing sunblock for long days of capping and deploying to taking a black pen to help color in faded munzees to cap.

Share Your Kit!

If you have a Munzee Toolkit that you’d like to show off, you can email us at with the subject “Munzee Toolkit.” Make sure to include:

  • Your username and where you are from.
  • A few high quality photos.
  • A list of what each item is and how you use it.
  • What made you decide to use those items.
  • Any other relevant details.

We want to see your creativity and learn how you play, so show us what you’ve got! And for Munzee tips and tricks, you can always check out our Help Guide articles!

Munzee on!