Rob’s Munzee Birthday Euro Trip!

As you probably know, Rob went to Europe earlier this month to attend some Spectacular 6th Birthday events. He wasn’t disappointed, to say the least, and he wanted to share some of his experiences with you.

Our 6th birthday month has been nothing short of amazing. More than 100 events have been hosted all around the world, but I’d like to share some kudos to a few special events I attended.

The OWL events in Germany brought together over 250 players from 13 nations, in Bielefeld and Paderborn over the weekend of July 7-9. The hosts prepared for a full year with a goal of producing the largest events in Munzee history and were successful at meeting that goal. I had a great time walking the streets, trails, and parks with dafi87 (our German team member Daniel Fischer) and many other players. The relaxed environment of each event allowed for many conversations over good food and a bier or two. 😉

The following weekend I was able to visit our players in Finland. I would like to thank mandello, sivontim, and jesnou for transporting me around the country and helping me enjoy my time there. It was great to meet over 100 players in the seaside town of Turku. The weather was perfect and it was nice to walk along the docks playing Munzee and watching locals try to figure out what we were doing.

The next day was a trip to Helsinki for the final event of my European trip. After walking a long trail of Evolution Munzees, we arrived at a nice park where more than 50 players enjoyed a nice Eventzee hunt in addition to a great Munzee Event Trail. I had a great time using magnets and watching a few players run back and forth across the park chasing myths. After the event, as a proper sendoff, I had the opportunity to enjoy a traditional Finnish meal. It was a sort of reindeer stew with mashed potatoes, gherkins, and lingonberries followed by a strawberry cheesecake for dessert. Absolutely delicious and the perfect end to an amazing birthday trip.

I appreciate the gifts shared with me from all the players and hosts of the 6 events, and will cherish the memories and display the gifts proudly at MHQ. Until we meet again, Munzee On!