Player of the Week: Feikjen Bongers (feikjen)

As Munzee has grown over the years, the game has evolved in so many more ways than any of the co-founders could have imagined. We’ve certainly had our fair share of growing pains, but in its essence Munzee has tried to stick to its core goal of getting people out into the world. No one knows this better than those players who have been with us since the beginning. This week’s Player of the Week is Feikjen Bongers (feikjen).

Who are you?

My name is Feikjen Bongers. My player name is feikjen.

Where in the world do you live?
I like in Workum, The Netherlands.

How long have you played Munzee?
I started playing Munzee on the 23rd of November 2013. We were on vacation and both my son and husband were playing Munzee. I was getting bored, so I thought, whatever, and I opened an account as well. Hell, that was fun, and I still love it.

How did you find Munzee?
My son (at that time 10 years old) came home from a scouting event (sometime in mid-October) telling me and my husband about Munzee. At first, we both thought, ‘oh, another game.’ But, my husband opened an account and started playing. Mind you, at that time there were not many munzees around to cap, so we always had to travel.

What do you most enjoy about Munzee?
Being outside enjoying the weather and the surroundings. Seeing places that you would never see if you wouldn’t chase QR codes. Meeting lots of nice people. So far, we have visited major cities in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and the UK.

What is on your wish list?
Praha, which we are going to visit at the end of this year. And a trip across the Atlantic. Rent a camper and travel through the states and Canada. Visit the local players and chase all of the munzees that we find on our way.

Tell us about yourself!
Well, my name is Feikjen Bongers (feikjen), and I’m married to Maarten Bongers (bordentaxi) since the 29th of February 1992. We have a son, Felix (felixbongers), who was born on the 30th of March 2003. We have had our own restaurant in Workum since 1995, and we have organised at least 8 Munzee events. My husband and I run the restaurant by ourselves. I’m the chef; Maarten is the host. For Munzee, we all have our own accounts, but by the Dutch players, we are know under the name WK-trio. WK is short for Workum, as all the cities around the IJsselmeer have their own historical fishing boats.

Other hobbies include:
I love to cook, read a good book, and Munzee on. And I love to take good car of my men, Felix and Maarten.

Any last words?
I feel very privileged and honoured about being nominated for POTW, and I would like to thank the person/people who did so. Much obliged. Further on, I hope to organise a lot more events in the future with the three of us. Events are always very nice with loads of fun. And we love to travel the world, so we hope to visit many events in the future.