NEW Wonder11and Skin in the Redeem Store!

This skin is quite late to the party considering there are only 11 days left in our UnBirthday month — but isn’t that just so in character? Plus, it is our 11th (Un)Birthday this year, so it’s even more fitting.

White Rabbit Yeti Skin

It is available in the Redeem Store in the [Wonder11and Surprises] tab, for 25 PRC. Like the Painted R053, it will remain available through 02:30 MHQ on Sunday, August 3rd (the expiration date we had set for Painted Rose Credits).

White Rabbit Yeti
Landing Pads

If you don’t already own the base Myth, but are still interested in using this skin, you can shop the Yeti HERE! Keep in mind that the base Myth will also need to be upgraded in order to use the skin. If you haven’t upgraded your base Myth yet, you can purchase a Bouncer Upgrade Credit.

For more information on Skins, you can check out our Help Guide articles HERE and HERE.

UnBirthday Week 3

As usual, the most up-to-date list of what’s available will be what you see on, where the [UnBirthday (Week X)] tab swaps out on 12:00 MHQ every Wednesday. So make sure to spend your credits each week!

We hope you continue to enjoy earning Painted Roses from gameplay this month!

Keep an eye out for more skins — after all, even if the White Rabbit is running late, part of his job is to announce royal arrivals!

Munzee on!