MunzFit Events FAQ

We’ve had some questions regarding the MunzFit events, so we’ve got a FAQ for you!

Do I or my guests need a Fitbit?

  • No. MunzFit events have no ties to the Munzee Fitness Program. However, these events are meant to encourage players to get out and do something active.

Are the Flat Robs owned by the event or are they for prizes?

  • Flat Robs are owned by the event.

What exactly does “No proximity rules for non-Event Pins” mean?

  • One of the options for events is to have no proximity, meaning the event account can deploy Munzees in dense areas that they normally wouldn’t be able to. For MunzFit events, this option will be included. The only exception to this rule is the new Event Pins. Full information on those will be available very soon.

Do all attendees have to bike? Is it a non guided bike tour?

  • That is up to the event host. There are no specific requirements regarding what kind of event is put on.

Do Event Pins for the MunzFit events all have same icon?

  • Yes. This is the first time the Event Pins will be introduced. For future events, the hosts will be able to purchase custom icons for Event Pins like they do now for greenies.

Do we have to do a sports event or will a normal event also count?

  • Though we can’t say there is such a thing as a “normal” event, there are no specific requirements for a MunzFit event. We would love to see new, fitness-style events, though.

Are MunzFit events just like other events but with different things to deploy?

  • Yes and no. While the requirements are the same as other events, MunzFit events also include the special MunzFit badge, and they will be the first events to use the new Event Pin.

Can you explain how the MunzFit events work?

  • MunzFit events are an attempt to tie in Munzee’s contribution to the MND Association and the Rave & Ride Event with all players to give everyone the chance to support the cause. Events between May 6th-15th can purchase a MunzFit package and receive the MunzFit Badge, the new Event Pin, and other special items listed. They have no specific requirements regarding what the event must achieve (eg biking, running, etc), but we do encourage players and hosts to come up with new, exciting ways to incorporate something different into their events.

If you have any other questions, please email Thanks, and Munzee on!