MunzFit 2016!

As we’ve said before, Munzee has been working with multiple organizations to donate money from the March fundraisers. While we’ve been working with MDA and Skylar directly, we’ve been working with another organization to help provide support for MNDA. We’re now ready to release information and introduce MunzFit 2016!

Rave & Ride is a 300+ person indoor cycling event organized by Steven Smith that raises funds for the MND Association in honor of his mother, Genifer, who passed away from MND. The event will be hosted at Stoke Park in the UK and see individuals and teams of indoor cyclists come together for an all-day sponsored ride with club music provided by live DJs. There is also the possibility of two world records being broken due to the scale of the event and the number of members expected to take part. Steven has already raised £115,000 for the MND Association through several events, and he is hoping the Rave and Ride event will push that amount over £160,000. You can learn more about the Rave and Ride event here.

Munzee will be involved in two ways. First, we will be making a donation to Rave and Ride during the event on May 14th, 2016. Rob and Matt will be traveling to the UK to meet up with Louise and present the donation to Steven. We didn’t want to stop there, though. While Louise is already participating in the event, Rob and Matt wanted to show their support for the cause and ride as well. They will be teaming up with Team DBA and DBA Sports (one of Louise’s riding sponsors) to ride during the event.

Rave & Ride is also the launching point for MunzFit 2016. From May 6th-15th, we will be having MunzFit events. We want to get as many people as possible involved, so we will be offering a MunzFit package.

For $100, a MunzFit Event includes:

  • The MunzFit Badge with editable text and flag (see below)
  • 50 Event Pins (more information regarding these to follow)
  • 10 Flat Robs
  • 10 MVMs
  • No proximity rules for non-Event Pins
  • Prizes for all attendees from Secret Steven


Examples of the MunzFit Badge include:


Rob, Matt, and Louise will also be hosting a Munzee Event on Friday, May 13th, so check out the calendar!

We also have MunzFit apparel available on the Munzee Store where you can write in the name or place of your event!


We hope to see everyone getting out and active! Munzee on!