Munzee’s 5th Birthday Specials

Here at Munzee, we really like celebrating. If you’ve been playing for a while, you know we REALLY like celebrating our birthday. This year is no different.


Between 00:01 MHQ Time on July 1st through 23:59 MHQ Time in July 31st, there will be 2016 bouncing Birthday Icons on the map. They will move every six hours or when capped.image

When captured, this icon will scatter 5 Present Pins on greenies within 5 miles. These Pins will be available until capped or for 2 hours.


The player who captures the Birthday Icon will earn 25 points, and the owner of the host Munzee will earn 15 points.

The Present Pins are a little more of a surprise. For capturing one of these pins, you will earn EITHER:

  • Points (15,25,35,45, or 55)
  • 10 Points AND a Credit Item (Diamond, Ruby, Scatter, RPS, or Blast Cap)

You will also earn the 5th Birthday Badge for the capture of at least 1 Birthday Icon.

Flat Robs

You may have noticed that Flat Rob was a bit more festive on the map when he appeared last night. Well he’s going to be that way for a while. Flat Robs will be on the map through 23:59 on July 31st to help celebrate Birthday Month! (The festive variation of Flat Rob DOES NOT count as a new icon.)

Prizes and Giveaways

Keep an eye on our social media pages for giveaways, specials, and sales throughout the month. You never know what we might do. 😉

We hope you enjoy Birthday Month. We know we will!

Munzee On