Munzee Toolkit Thurzday: vmbiohazard

One of the best parts about Munzee is that you can play how you want. Everyone goes about playing a bit differently, and that leads to some very creative and innovative uses of objects. From containers to bags to maintenance, we always encounter something new when we meet players. We want to showcase your Munzee Toolkits to see how you play the game and possibly even inspire other players who may need help!

The week’s featured Munzee Toolkit comes to us from vmbiohazard, who hails from Pennsylvania. He started playing Munzee over 8 years ago, so we’re happy he’s stuck around for so long! He has even made the leap to co-hosting an event despite the current situation! Read on to discover his essentials and also find the link to his event!

vmbiohazard Toolkit

Hey all! I was first introduced to Munzee by my Uncle (HiTechMD). I go by the handle VMBiohazard. I started playing years ago when my uncle and I went Geocaching. I took a small break from both and then started playing again when COVID-19 hit. This got me out of the house and moving around. I have been going hard on Munzee ever since. I was fortunate enough to join the awesome clan that my Uncle is in, Surface Interval.

I live in South-Central Pennsylvania, work in Maryland, and vacation in New Jersey. My job allows me to travel quite a bit, so I additionally get to play all over. I will be co-hosting my first event in about a week in Maryland, and will be looking to host my own event come 2021 in Pennsylvania. So stay tuned for those of you nearby!

As for my kit, I keep a few things handy when I am driving around. First, I keep a neck gaiter mask around my neck at all times (thanks to COVID). I have a small multi-compartment fishing tackle case (link: with all my deployable physicals. I keep them all sorted and ready. Makes it nice in case I have to go on foot. I can just slide it right into my cargo pocket. I keep a phone charger in the truck, and also have a mobile battery pack to take with me when I am on foot. I also keep all my Munzee Coins and Personal Munzee Tag in the truck, in case I come across another player. Should it start getting dark, I keep a few flashlights in the truck ready to go. I also keep bottles of hand sanitizer in the truck to use after I do any type of physical deploy.


Share Your Kit!

If you have a Munzee Toolkit that you’d like to show off, you can email us at with the subject “Munzee Toolkit.” Make sure to include:

  • Your username and where you are from.
  • A few high quality photos.
  • A list of what each item is and how you use it.
  • What made you decide to use those items.
  • Any other relevant details.

Please feel free to include as much information about your gameplay as you wish to share! We want to see your creativity and learn how you play, so show us what you’ve got! And for Munzee tips and tricks, you can always check out our Help Guide articles!

A big Munzee thank you to vmbiohazard for sharing his Munzee Toolkit! If you’ll be in Maryland anytime soon, consider attending his event! As you’ll see on the calendar page, the event hosts are taking care to keep everyone safe and healthy by following COVID-19 restrictions.

Munzee on!