Munzee Madness 5 Recap

Rob, Matt, and Robbie headed out West this past weekend to attend Munzee Madness 5 at Yorba Regional Park in (kinda) sunny California. They had a great time, and we want to share their experiences with everyone.

First, though, we want to thank and congratulate our wonderful reseller Elliot and his team for putting on the event. Their five events spanning two days went extremely well. The effort and passion they have for the game shone through and blew everyone away. We’d also like to thank all of the players who participated, both in person or by placing virtuals at the events. Points and badges were bountiful. Attendees for one of the Friday events received the Party Crasher Attendee badge while the main Saturday event earned attendees the Centurion Attendee badge. The huge turnouts at the events were wonderful to see.

On to our stories:


MM5 began Friday when Elliot hosted players at his shop as a preliminary meet and greet. They were invited to come hang out and hunt down the special icons in the surrounding area. At 5:30, we all packed up and headed over to Food Truck Fandango. Elliot and his team worked with a local food truck group that sets up every Friday night in a parking lot. Each food truck had a Munzee on it, so everyone, both Munzee players and the general public, were able to see what Munzee is about. Rob and Matt were shamefully beat in a game of Trouble by two teenagers. After a few hours of eating (way too much) amazing food and capping, everyone headed home for the night.


Saturday began bright and early with a breakfast event. We all met up, ate, and capped some before heading to the main event. We all migrated to Yorba Regional Park for the real fun. Between capping and eating, Rob executed his Presidential duties of shaking hand and kissing babies (and/or scaring children 😉 ) while Matt and Robbie played Frisbee and other games with attendees. Robbie then integrated the first WallaBee event with Munzee. Everyone then switched gears to take pictures for the Eventzee portion of the day. We ended the event with prizes and some announcements from Rob. We couldn’t end their, of course, so we headed out to dinner at a local restaurant.

We overran Knowlwood down the street for some more great food and one-on-one interaction with players. Matt tested some new toys, and Rob reclaimed his gaming throne by beating everyone (including Matt) at air hockey. He was (and still is) very pleased with himself.


Though the official MM5 events were over, Matt and Rob weren’t done quite yet. They took a drive out to the desert to revive some of first special icons ever to appear on the Munzee map. There are now 3 WaywardNation icons live on the map in the Southern California area.


Now you may be wondering why we wanted to share these things with you (other than you know we like to talk about ourselves). To us, attending events is very special. When we’re at the office, we really only get to see one side of Munzee. We’re constantly trying to come up with new ideas, improve the game, and generally make everything run smoothly. When we’re out at events or in the field, though, we get to experience what you do. We see what happens. We get to talk to players one-on-one and hear their experiences. We get to actually interact with the people that make this game so great. We don’t go to events for the attention or for pats on the back. We go because we appreciate everything you do and want to help your events in any way we can. So long story short, thank you. You are the ones who make this game so great, and everything we do, we do for you. #MunzeeOn