Munzee Introduction Flyers

You may have noticed a large increase in people walking around outdoors with phones in their hands recently. Pokémon GO(TM) has cast a bright light on geo-location based gaming. Many members of Team Munzee have heard stories of, or experienced firsthand, interactions with players of Pokémon GO(TM) and other geolocation games. During these interactions we have been able to introduce them to Munzee. We saw a post from McChickenNugget about a flyer they use to introduce players of other games to Munzee, so we reached out to them. They were kind enough to send us their design, and we’ve updated it a bit so that everyone can use it.


We’ve also included the PDF, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator files below so that you can edit the text for different games and change the QR code to your Referral Code (it’s currently the Munzee Referral Code). Remember the referral code must be one of the first ten captures on a new account in order to register.

The introduction and adoption of games like Pokémon GO(TM) to the public is great for the geo-location based gaming community as a whole. So if you see someone playing other games, or if you just want to introduce a new person to Munzee, feel free to spread the Munzee love!

Munzee on!