Munzee “How To” Submission Request

Our players are the reason for Munzee. You grow the map, introduce new people to the game, and help new players along. While the Munzee staff can explain the technical aspects of the game, it’s you who learn the ins and outs of the gameplay. On more than one occasion, you’ve taught us your tips and tricks. So when it comes to “How To” videos, who better to ask for help than those who’ve made this game their own.

We will be launching/updating a “How To” section on our website and YouTube channel. We are seeking video and/or text submissions to be posted on our official pages/websites to help new and veteran users learn about different aspects of the game. Submissions that are used will be credited with the submitting player’s name/username, and they will be rewarded with prizes/items.

Text Submissions

Text submissions should be 300-1000 words and explain the aspect of gameplay chosen. The submissions should be concise but thorough. Please keep in mind that users may not be familiar with all aspects or terms of the game. The reader should be able to understand what is being described without previous or related knowledge.

Video Submissions

Video submissions should be between 1-2:30 minutes and uploaded to YouTube. As with text submissions, they should be concise but thorough. Videos can be screen recordings (such as this one), videos of you explaining the aspect, or anything in between.

You may submit both video and text for the same submission. If you choose to submit either medium for multiple aspects of the game, please enter them separately so we can keep track of them.

Submissions can be made here.

Please be aware of language and content of both video and text submissions. Munzee reserves the right to edit either type of submission to reflect our brand more clearly or appropriately.