Munzee Events in 2023!

We’ve almost had a full year of monthly Munzee events and it’s been brilliant to see you all getting back out there and meeting up again. Don’t forget to host and attend an event for the last couple of months of this year to unlock all the goodies available, more details on those to come very soon!

Monthly Event Packages

After so much wonderful feedback on the monthly event packages we are going to continue offering them for 2023, but with some changes:

There will be a new theme but the packages remain the same in price and contents. See the 2022 blog for those details.

For $50 you will get the following:

  • A Munzee Event Account and Event Indicator Pin
  • 50 Event Pins
  • No proximity restrictions (event pins still have to be 100 ft apart though)
  • 1 Electric Mystery + 5 Virtuals
  • 50 2023 Monthly Event Greeting Cards (same design every month)
  • Monthly Munzee Event 2023 Host badge (unique design every month)
  • Monthly Munzee Event 2023 Attendee badge (unique design every month)

There will again be the incentives to host and attend all 12 of the monthly events with badges, freebies and a new title. We’re really excited to reveal this year’s rewards and next year will be even bigger and better. Hosts will remember we gave a special gift during September for Player AppreZEEation month which was unannounced in advance.

Changes in 2023

We want to get back to players actually meeting up and events happening at a set time and place to help build our wonderful Munzee community. To this end events will be live for 24 hours from the chosen Go Live Time. This is quite different from the 7 days that we moved to during COVID times, but thankfully we are not living under the same social distancing restrictions any more.

We would like to incentivise hosts more, these are our key players in building the communities and we appreciate them so much. From January hosts will receive Munzee points relating to how many people attend their events. This will be 100 points for every capture of their Event Indicator pin. For example, with an event of 50 people the hosts will receive 5000 points.

Mega Events

We also want to help encourage some bigger Munzee events and will be introducing some Mega Munzee Monthly Event Packages. These will be perfect for big events that span a weekend because you’ll get 4 event packages with badges and icons and the price point will be lower than booking it all individually. There will be special badges available for these events and they will show differently on the calendar and map. We will be showcasing and supporting these events so please get in touch with Louise at to discuss this if you’d like to host a Mega event.

A few events we’re already aware of: Munzee Mecca in Florida January 13-15. Not yet on the calendar is the long-running annual Munzee Madness in California each March, and the annual Munzee Mania in Minnesota each May. We know there is a growing community across the UK and would love to see something like this happen there.  Will we see the large events in and around Germany back in 2023? What other areas of Europe, Asia and Australia are ready to add your name to the list of MEGA events in 2023?

We’re really looking forward to seeing you all coming together and we’d love to join you too!

The first step is to get your event on the calendar:

The 2023 Monthly Event Packages will be added to the store soon here:

For now, get your event(s) on the calendar, then you will receive an email which kickstarts your communication with Louise so you can work on getting your event set up!

Munzee on!