Munzee 3.3 is Here!

Our development team is always working to improve Munzee and add new features. We’re proud to announce the release of Munzee 3.3! This update includes:

  • Multi Blast Support: When using Blast Captures, a pop up menu will appear asking how many blasts you would like to use. You can choose a number between 1 and 10. When you tap “Fire!”, a second pop up will appear asking you to confirm the number of munzees being blasted and the number of Blast Captures you will be using. You then have the choice to either use the blasts or not. This feature will automatically adjust to how many Blast Captures you have and how many blastable munzees there are. E.g. If you originally choose to use 3 Blast Captures, but there are only 125 blastable munzees within the mile radius, the app will automatically change the number of Blast Captures to 2.
  • In-app Quick Deploy: You can now long-press the capture button on the main map to pull up a list of virtual munzees to Quick Deploy. You can scroll through the pop-up list and choose a munzee you would like to deploy. Once you tap on the munzee of your choice, you will be taken to the normal deploy screens to edit information and location.

  • Improved Geolocation Handling
  • Updated Scanner
  • Reconstructed Tools View
  • Minor Fixes

The app has been pushed to the Google Play and Apple App Stores. If you don’t currently see an update, please be patient. There may be a delay in propagation to your area, but it is on the way! We hope you enjoy this new update!

Munzee on!