Mega Events started with an absolute BLAST!

Today is a very special day — it’s Lou’s birthday! ?

? Happy birthday Lou! To celebrate, we wanted to look back at the recent Mega events, which were a smashing success thanks to her and all the hosts she coordinated with.

Mega Events started with an absolute BLAST, literally! The first Mega events, collectively called Munzee Mecca 2023, were held January 13-15 on the Space Coast of Florida. The event happened to coincide with SpaceX launching a Falcon Heavy rocket on the evening of the 15th, witnessed by many players still in the area.


Thank you to the team of hosts and sponsors for putting on a great series of events. The events were well attended with over 60 players including Flat Rob himself, and the Geocaching Vlogger.

If you haven’t seen the highlight video produced from the weekend please watch it on YouTube.


We are looking forward to seeing other Mega events taking place around the world. Here is a list of confirmed Mega events throughout the rest of the year:

We’d love for you all to join these Mega events in person, but remember you can also take part in the fun by deploying Virtual Munzees around the event area. The Munzee Mecca attendees were certainly kept busy capping, and those CapOn points are a nice bonus too!

We plan to promote all Mega events and will make our best attempt to have members of our team attend whenever possible.

Members of our California-based team will be in attendance, as well as Rob and Lou, for the upcoming Munzee Madness events! Each will have a special badge just for this event! Please make your plans to join our team in Southern California, March 3-4.

If you’d like to host your own Mega events contact Lou

Munzee on!