May 2022 GOTM Winners

This month we’ve been taking things a bit slower, but that doesn’t mean we left you to your own devices! We brought the tradition of May the Fourth Munzee Events to everyone with a very special ZEE-Dayz, which included ARF2D2 and ZEE-3PO specials to capture, a NEW Scrap Star Temporary Destination, double points on Mechz, and a sale!

The next week we celebrated the ONLY Flat Day the 13th this year with another ZEE-Dayz! This time, Unlucky Object specials started bouncing around the map (and still are!) and there were double points on Flats and other related types. We also introduced some new hidden badges for you to earn!

Just last week, we released a NEW Secret ZeeOp for you to participate in, which will reward you with the R3X-0-Skeleton Mech once you complete it. Other than that, it’s been fairly quiet here at MHQ the past few days… but maybe that means we’re gearing up for some big surprises!

We are now happy to announce the winners of the May Gardens of the Month (GOTM)! The badges will be awarded by early June, but we couldn’t wait to share the winners we’ve chosen!


It seems we’ll all need to take a vacation to England’s beaches! They’ve got some beautiful gardens that we’d love to visit and cap! Remember that all winning GOTM organizers and all players who deployed in the winning gardens will be awarded special badges for their contribution to growing the map. This month we’re happy to award the Horatio the Hermit Crab garden, designed by Waves117 and FlamingoFlurrier, and the Beach Umbrella garden, designed by BonnieB1, as our winning May GOTM! The gardens appear as follows:

Horatio the Hermit Crab by Waves117 and FlamingoFlurrier in Cromer, Norfolk, England, UK

What a cute character dreamed up by Waves117! Look out Rover, you’ve got some competition!

Here’s a note from the player who designed this garden:

This Garden is situated in the centre of Cromer, Norfolk, England, UK and is the centrepiece of my next Munzee event in October. The inspiration for this Garden came from

1) Cromer being famous for its freshly caught delicacy of crabs and

2) Norfolk’s most famous son Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson – born in Norfolk.

So meet Horatio the Hermit Crab. With over 500 pins it initially felt a bit of a challenge to fill but the munzee community reserved spots quickly and it was fully reserved within 4 days.

This adorable crab definitely caught our eye earlier in the year, but we wanted to save it for a warmer month. We are especially impressed with the colors used for its shell — who knew Void Mysteries and Peas Evos would look so good together, and create a pearlescent appearance?!

If you’re interested in learning more about Waves117’s event, check out this link:

Beach Umbrella by BonnieB1 in Westbourne, Bournemouth, England, UK

Angling the garden to make the bottom edge of the umbrella line up with the beach must have made the design process trickier than it looks!

Here’s a note from the player who nominated this garden:

Situated on the cliffs above the fantastic beaches of Bournemouth, and utilises a number of different Munzees cleverly to make a stunning effect.

The strong lines of this garden make it instantly recognizable, even when zoomed out quite far. The combination of Electric Mysteries, Virtual Colors, Citrines, Carrot Evos, Flat Flashlights, Submarine Evos, and Flat Disc Golf Baskets capture the colors of summer so well!

ZeeOps and Clan Wars players will also appreciate the use of Night Vision Goggles, Crossbows, and Catapults for the outlines.

All players who deployed in the respective winning gardens will receive the following special badges:

Rules for GOTM nominations:

  1. Garden must feature non-licensed character designs.
  2. The garden must feature a Garden Places Pin.
  3. The garden must be built using a publicly available spreadsheet which we will ask to be locked after being 100% deployed.
  4. We’re asking for ongoing nominations and we will release the winners throughout the year.

Based on your feedback, we’ve created a Google Form where you can submit GOTM nominations — here’s the link:

We’ll still check the inbox for stragglers, but please try to send your submissions to this new Google Form instead. Keep in mind that we take all former nominations into consideration for upcoming months. Just be sure your garden follows the nomination rules in order to be considered eligible!

If you need help deploying in a Virtual Garden, you can check out this step-by-step tutorial that will making deploying in a garden easy no matter how long you’ve been playing. To fill in the gardens, make sure to stock up on Virtuals and Color Credits from the Freeze Tag Online Store.

Munzee on!

P.S. Are you looking for POTM requirements? Remember that last year, we announced that we were holding off on POTM for now as we develop a new way to highlight our unique player base!