Make Us A Munzee Competition Finalists!

The Munzee team was overwhelmed with the response to the “Make Us A Munzee” competition! We had over 600 entries, and it was tough to narrow them down to five finalists. Below are the descriptions of the finalists and a link to vote for your favorite. Voting will close on Wednesday, December 30th at 17:00 MHQ time. The winner will be contacted shortly following then to make their idea become reality! Also, please remember that details of these Munzees is subject to change, but the overall idea will remain intact. The text below is what was submitted by the player. Team Munzee will work with the winner to determine exact logistics after it is chosen.


  • The Joker (Rubik80) – “A physical munzee that rewards the capper with 100 points or penalises them with minus 50 points. Limited to one per premium member per membership, like a Premium Munzee. The trick is when they lose the 50 points, they go to the munzee owner.”
  • The Pioneer (d-n) – “Can be only deployed in areas with no other munzees in certain radius (for example 1/2 mile). Cap on points residual into 50. Advantages -Support for starting the game in areas with no munzees.”
  • The Prankster (Rosemark) – “This will be a virtual Munzee. It will have 5 location Pins on the Map, but only 1 will be real. To deploy The owner will pick a location and deploy just like a regular Virtual, and the computer will create 4 more locations on the map within a 1 mile radius of the deployed location. Only one of these pins will be the real location of the Munzee. When a player attempts to cap the Munzee, they will not know which pin is real. If they pick the wrong one it will tell them “No Joy” and they will have to go to one of the 4 other locations until they find the correct one. Once they find the real one, they will receive the points earned, and a Badge for successfully capturing a Prankster Munzee. The scoring should reduce for each miss. Perhaps 50 points if they get it right the 1st time, 40 if 2nd, 30 if 3rd , 20 if 4th and 10 if last. Cap on points to owner could be like 10. Each time the Prankster is captured, a new correct location is randomly selected by the computer, so the correct pin is different each time capped.”
  • The Wormhole (kulbago) – “This Munzee will randomly tunnel to another munzee that is over 100 miles from its deployed location. Upon capturing this munzee, you get points just as though you were at the location at the other end f the wormhole. Once captured it will re-tunnel to another randomly selected munzee somewhere else in the world. Each wormhole munzee can only be captured once per day per player. (ie. you can’t stand there and keep capturing Munzees that are far away) If you wanted to make it more interesting you could make different “size” wormhole munzees. Small would tunnel to 100 miles away, medium say 250 miles, and large would have to find a munzee more than 500 miles away to connect to.”
  • The Rock-Paper-Scissors (2dld26) – “On deploy, the deployer picks it to be Rock, Paper or Scissors. The icon shows RPS so as not to identify what it is. When capture, the capturer has to choose Rock, Paper or Scissors. If they beat the deployer, then capturer gets 20 points and the deployer gets 10 points. If the capturer loses, then the capturer gets 10 points and the deployer gets 20 points. If they choose the same, then they each get 15 points. Potential badges: -Badges for winning 1, 25, 50 matches (bronze, silver, gold) -Badge for winning once against all three types: rock, paper and scissors Clarification: rock beats scissors beats paper beats rock.”

Ready to vote? Go here!