Leap Day Special!

Every four years, we get a Leap Day. Last Leap Day, Munzee was still young. A tadpole, if you will. Our game, and company, have grown, though. We often enjoy doing specials, and this leap year happens to fall on the 35th Anniversary of the release of Frogger™. In that spirit, we present our Leap Day Special!
LYD_Icon_128From 07:00 CST on February 28th to 07:00 CST on March 1st, every greenie on the map will be an 8-bit themed frog icon. Leap Day is special, though. We’re almost going back in time like we have previous specials. In leap years, Munzee is only 2. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could recap all those greenies that have been deployed since the last Leap Year? Well you can! Similar to the BTTF special, you can recap any greenie with a Leap Day icon on it!

As with any munzee, you cannot capture one you’ve deployed. These icons will be able to be captured by more than one player so you don’t have to worry about being the first person to capture them. So grab a joystick.. well phone.. and hop on over to start capturing!