Pegasus and Faun Myth Variants Join the Map!

Update: The blog has been updated on 6/28/19 to reflect the addition of the virtual Krampus Faun Myth Variant. 

Whether you’re soaring into summer or experiencing the winter chill, our brand new Mythological Munzee Variants are here to season your map! Starting at 15:00 MHQ time today, you’ll be able to upgrade both the Pegasus and Faun Mythological Munzees into four new variants! We’ve also restocked certain Player Owned Bouncers in the Freeze Tag Store so click HERE to get yours!

Much like AlternaMyths, the Mythological Munzee Variants are twists on the original Myth types that allow them to bounce to other types of munzees. These variants are only available to Myths that have been “Upgraded.*” You can shop our restocked Mythologicals in the Freeze Tag Online Store for a limited time only. We’ll also be adding Pouch Creatures to the store, but they won’t be around for long! Click the link HERE to pick yours up before they’re gone, and be sure to get your Bouncer Upgrade Credit!

All four of our new variants will have the same point values:

  • Deployment: N/A
  • Capture: 200 Points
  • CapOn: 100 Points

Lastly, before we dive into the new variant details, the Pegasus Myth will also be getting a point increase effective now! The Pegasus Myth will now be worth the regular 200 points for a Myth when captured, as well as 250 deploy points! Now on to the new variants…

Griffin Pegasus

This amalgamation of an Eagle and a Lion soars majestically! This variant of the Pegasus Mythological Munzee flies to the following:

Alicorn Pegasus

The horned Pegasus is ready to take flight! This variant of the Pegasus Mythological Munzee flies to the following:

  • Virtual Munzees
  • Air Mystery Munzees
  • Shamrock Munzees

Centaur Faun

The warrior of the woods is ready for battle! This variant of the Faun Mythological Munzee trots to the following:

Krampus Faun

The frightening friend of Father Christmas will give you chills! This variant of the Faun Mythological Munzee sleds to the following:

Upgrading Your Myth

Once your Myth is upgraded with the Bouncer Upgrade Credit, you can convert it to a new type similar to how you would convert any other type of munzee. Remember that you can only convert a Myth Variant once, and after a Myth has been changed, it cannot go back. Previously known as the Myth Upgrade, the Bouncer Upgrade Credit also allows for the opportunity to “nudge” your Myth to a new munzee up to three times a day in the MHQ 24-hour day after it has sat for three hours. Plus it gives you the opportunity to rename your Myth to something personal and creative!

Points for Variant Myths will remain the same. Variant Myths will also continue counting toward their specific Myth badges just like normal. The only thing that changes with an Upgrade is what it bounces to, as well as a new capture icon in the Specials list.

The new Pegasus and Faun variants join the Unicorn, Fairy, Leprechaun, Mermaid, Dragon, and Yeti Myth Variants. Which variants do you hope to see next? And which variant will you be upgrading to today? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Munzee on!

*The Fairy and Mermaid Mythological Munzee Variants do not require a Bouncer Upgrade Credit to be upgraded.