Introducing the Virtual Resort!

We’re happy to introduce the Virtual Resort to the Destination line of Munzees! It will be joining the Motel and Hotel in this line, following a similar structure of points and rules.Resort_128

The Virtual Resort will be deployed via the Munzee app (not the website), just like the other members of the Destination line. It is virtual game piece.

Proximity: A Virtual Resort must be at least 3500 feet (~1065 meters) away any other resort.

Rooms: There are 15 rooms available in the Virtual Resort.

Deploy: 50 points

Capture: Ranges from 15 points (no rooms filled yet) to 90 (all 15 rooms filled).

CapOn: Ranges from 3 points to 50/42/39/…/6/3 when all 15 rooms are filled.

Release: The Virtual Resort will be a MunzPak exclusive for the month of February. Each MunzPak subscriber will receive five (5) Virtual Resorts with their MunzPak. It will be available for purchase on March 1st.

Full information about the Virtual Resort will be available on upon initial release.

NOTE: If you’re not currently a MunzPak subscriber, you still have time to get in this month! You can subscribe now to receive this month’s MunzPak and change your billing date on February 1st to be one of the first to get the new Virtual Resort! Don’t miss out! If you want to change your billing date, please email on February 1st!