Introducing the Haunted Hotel Munzee!

The road has been long and your game has taken you late into the night. Normally you would end your journey at a Motel, adjacent to a rest stop in the middle of nowhere, but on this dreary night the vacancies are nowhere to be found. You secretly don’t mind because you grew tired of the uncomfortable bed and small quarters long ago. You know it’s time for an upgrade. So you drive past, leaving the neon-lights in your rear view mirror, and look forward to a new place to call home for the night. You pull up to an old Victorian building that has obviously seen better days and head up the long stairway. This establishment may have been top notch back in the day, but time has not been kind and the wooden door creeks open as you enter. You step in as lightning ignites the skyline, unusual for a dry day in October. You shudder, but breathe in relief when you’re met with spacious open rooms. The charm is in it’s character and you’re happy to rest for the night. As you drift off you hear voices and can’t help but realize you’re not alone… This Hotel is filling in quickly.


Sure it may seem like something out of a horror movie, but we’re proud to announce the next progression in the weary traveler line: the Munzee Hotel! Last year we released the Munzee Motel and they have filled up quickly, so the next natural step is to release a Hotel, even if it seems a bit haunted. This new Munzee will be available starting 10 am MHQ time today, Wednesday October 15th, for $4, and as you can imagine it’s a bit of an upgrade from the Motels.

Much like Motels, Hotels are only for premium players to purchase. Premium accounts will be able to purchase 5 Hotels per month, for a cost of $4 each.  The owner of the Hotel receives points based on the number of rooms “rented” in their hotel. Rooms are rented on a first come, first serve basis giving players extra motivation to be First to Capture. When the owner deploys a Munzee Hotel it is available with 10 rooms to be occupied by the first 10 players to capture.  Each player who captures receives a room, which is actually deploying a Munzee inside the motel, though no additional action is needed by the player. The player will receive residual points based on those who capture the Hotel after them. The earlier you capture a Hotel the more points you receive through incoming residual points.

A Hotel is worth 60 points when full, 40 points cap on when full.  The rest of the boring details are here.

Any regular Munzee with zero captures on it can be converted to a Hotel, but Hotels must be at least 2,500 ft away from other Hotels. Hotels can be normal proximity from other munzees, including Motels. In-app Hotel conversion will not be available until the next app update, so players will need to plan ahead or be quick to convert via the website after a deploy.  Again, Hotels will go on sale in the Munzee Online Store Wednesday October 15th. Premium users will be credited one free Hotel Wednesday morning, but you have to be a Premium member by Wednesday to receive the credit to your account, so sign up HERE for all sorts of extras.