A Freeze is on the way…

Since the release of the Fire Mystery, the Munzee Map has been red hot. If you’ve been brave enough to attempt to put out the spreading fires, you know the peril that it brings. Being burned can be costly. Everything has an opposite, though. There has been a shift in the wind, and a cold front is starting to arrive. With it comes the rain, the snow, and the Ice… Mystery Munzee.

Today, we are introducing the Ice Mystery Munzee.


Name: Ice Mystery Munzee

Deploy: 50
Capture/CapOn: Sum of 60 by multiples of 5 with a a minimum of 10 (e.g. 10, 25, 30, 45, etc) — Example: Capture = 45, CapOn = 15

Now, this may seem familiar. This is, in many ways, a reflection of the Fire Mystery. However, it has a different twist.

When captured, the Ice Mystery “freezes” three greenies within a mile. These will stay frozen for two hours or until capped, whichever comes first.


Capping these frozen greenies will result in two possible outcomes:

  1. There is a chance that you “thaw” the frozen greenie. If you do, you earn 50 Capture points and the owner of the host greenie earns 10  CapOn points.
  2. The other outcome is a bit more frosty. You also have the potential to get frozen. If you do, your screen will turn blue, and you cannot play for 1 minute. As with the Fire Mystery, it’s a choice of risk versus reward.

Badges: There WILL be badges for Deploy, Capture, and Being Frozen. These badges will be unveiled very soon.

Filters and /types page: Filters will be added in app and on information added to the types webpage Friday.


Ice Mystery Munzees are available NOW in the Munzee Online Store. They are physical stickers sold in blocks of 20 for $40 USD. There is currently a limit of 100 per person, per month.

We hope you enjoy the Ice Mystery Munzees!

Have fun, and Munzee on!