Improvements to Website Quick Deploy!

For many players, our Web Map is the easiest way to deploy a Virtual, especially if it’s for a friend across the globe! However, with all the new Virtual types we’ve been releasing lately, even that process has started to become unruly. On Tuesday we made 2 changes to it which, while they may seem small, can be total game changers for those frequent virtual deployers:

1. Munzee types are broken up into 3 categories

Previously, the entire roster of virtual munzees was visible at once, which could get overwhelming and make it hard to find the type you had in mind.

Clicking on a category will expand the list to show only the munzees in that category.

We’ve started with these three categories for now, but may expand to more in the future!

2. The number of undeployed munzees you have for each type is now visible!

Previously, this information was only displayed in your Undeployed list. If you clicked on a munzee type that you didn’t actually have, a popup would tell you that after the fact.

Now all the information you need is all in one place!

We hope these improvements make playing Munzee a bit more convenient!

Munzee on!