Flat Objects: The Future of Flat Types!

Don’t get us wrong — we love all 4 of our Flat Friends! But not all of our staff members are comfortable with being flattened. To allow for expansion of the Flat type, we’ve come up with Flat Objects! Think of them as the Munzee version of totems (Γ  la Inception) where the Flat Object is something seemingly ordinary but is near and dear to each staff members’ hearts.

The first Flat Object is brought to you by Dylan, our indispensable Creative Director! If you’ve been a Munzee player for a while now, you’ve most likely met him, or at least heard of him… but for those who haven’t been fortunate enough to get to know the man, or would like a refresher, you can check out his most recent Meet Munzee Munzday post HERE!

Dylan’s Flat Object is a throwback to simpler times, and tube TV tech! Say hello to the Flat DHS, stylized after VHS Tapes from the 80s and 90s. Dylan has a nose for nostalgia, so these tapes (and the badges associated with them) will give you an insight to some of his favorite flicks. Read on to learn more!

Flat DHS Details

The Flat DHS joins the Flats as a virtual type. It is currently available in the Freeze Tag Store HERE!

Capture Radius: 300 feet, blastable

Proximity: 50 feet from other players’ Flats, 150 feet from your own.

Deploy: 19 points

Capture: Split 94 points with a minimum of 19 Points

CapOn: Split 94 points with a minimum of 19 Points

To access the Flat DHS munzee, turn on your “Virtual – Flats” filter or β€œAll Flat Types” filter. For more information on Flats, you can check out our Help Guide article.


There are badge lines for deploying and capturing the Flat DHS, which, as mentioned above, feature some Munzee-fied versions of Dylan’s favorite movies. You can see the first of each below!

We hope you enjoy collecting Flat DHS tapes and learning a bit more about Dylan in the process!

Munzee on!