Featured Munzee Toolkit: Jon Rohde (ROHDEJ)

One of the best parts about Munzee is that you can play how you want. Everyone goes about playing a bit differently, and that leads to some very creative and innovative uses of objects. From containers to bags to maintenance, we always encounter something new when we meet players. We want to showcase your Munzee Toolkits to see how you play the game and possibly even inspire other players who may need help. This week’s featured Munzee Toolkit comes from Jon Rohde (ROHDEJ).

My name is Jon Rohde or username ROHDEJ.

What’s in your Munzee Toolkit?

Here is my toolkit:

  1. My DIY munzees.
  2. My generics, purchased on a clearance sale and prizes from local events.
  3. A tin to keep my munzees in.
  4. A portable USB charger with a flashlight. It is just large enough to keep me going for another hour or so..
  5. A 6-foot micro USB cable. I keep the battery in my pocket to keep my hands more free. I have seen a lot of people try to use the 1-foot cords and hold the battery and phone in the same hand, but that gets messy when you are trying to deploy, juggling the phone/battery, and peeling a sticker.
  6. My DIY tote lid tree tags. I have build instructions on the Minnesota Munzers Facebook group.
  7. UV rated zip ties. The little party color ones break down and crack in the weather.
  8. Sheets of vinyl sticker paper from “Label Outfitters”. Did you know that you can print munzees on the go? It is possible to use only your cell phone to create a batch print, save as a PDF, and take it to your local library/office supply store/etc to have them printed for a nominal (usually < $0.50/sheet).
  9. A pair of scissors. You’re out and about with still warm munzees, and you need to separate them somehow.
  10. My Facebook account with the Minnesota Munzers group. I love the notifications from the group that the bike path on the bridge is now open. Or I’m stuck and can’t get out, but I only need 500 points to reach my level in the Clan War. We do what we can to help each other out. And all of the cool pictures – spiders, wasp nests, and sunsets! It’s great to be able to trade tips and tricks with faces I’ve met.
  11. A pair of cleats. The weather is changing up here in Minne-snow-ta. It’s getting dark and the white stuff will be here soon. We have an annual game of who can stay vertical the longest in the snow and ice. I like to win that one.

What is missing from my kit:

  1. I think it would be a good idea to have a cell phone lanyard like some of us use for work ID badges and keys or a leash. I have met a munzer or two that have lost their phone in the water or cracked a screen.
  2. A portable Munzee printer like one of those Brother label makers for repairing munzees. This one is pie in the sky, I know. The new label printers do print QR codes, so we are not far from a solution.

Thanks for the game. I love you, Munzee!

If you haven’t already, look us up @ Minnesota Munzers on Facebook.


If you have a Munzee Toolkit that you’d like to show off, you can email us at iloveyou@munzee.com with the subject “Munzee Toolkit”. Make sure to include:

  • Your username and where you are from.
  • A few high quality photos.
  • A list of what each item is and how you use it.
  • What made you decide to use those items.
  • Any other relevant details.

We want to see your creativity and learn how you play. Show us what you’ve got!

Munzee on!