Event Spotlight: Birmingham, Alabama – April Fool’s Lunch

While Munzee can certainly be a solo game if you choose, there’s no denying the appeal in meeting others who share your interests. Munzee Events are perhaps the best example of this, as they allow you to meet both old and new players in a safe, friendly environment. On top of that, there are usually activities, games, and — if you’re lucky — goodie bags! That being said, planning events requires a considerable amount of effort. So, to make it easier for prospective hosts (and maybe even recurring hosts), we decided to put the spotlight on past events, Munzee-Toolkit style! We hope this series of posts will inspire you to try hosting an event if you never have before, or provide you with ideas to spice up future events if you’re an old hand at it!

Today we’re featuring the Birmingham, Alabama – April Fool’s Lunch, which took place on April 5, 2019 at The Purple Onion in Birmingham, AL and was hosted by giber54, Mdeezy, Robelwilson, and timandweze.

Give us a brief summary about your event!

Every month in Birmingham we have a CoExist lunch (Munzee and Geocaching) on a Friday. These monthly events have helped us introduce many new players to Munzee and helped build a strong Munzee community in Alabama.

What tips do you have when hosting an awesome event?

  1. Always have your friends cohost with you- It just makes it more fun!
  2. Always publicize your events. Not everyone looks at the calendar regularly. Sharing about your events on Social Media is a great way to get the word out.
  3. Make sure your event location has seating and a table or two. It makes it easier for attendees to chitchat and scan each other’s personals.
  4. Consider creating a Virtual Garden at your event location. More Munzees to cap is a good thing! ?

What made your event unique?

Usually at our Friday lunch events we have only locals. This event was attended by players from all over the country. This was also CoachV’s first time ever attending an event in Alabama. Also the Space Coast Geo-Store was there vending. There was also a free prize raffle for both the Munzee and Geocaching events.

Would you like to highlight any future events you’re hosting?

On Friday, April 17th- there will be 2 “Fall Into Spring” Events in Birmingham, Alabama.

A CoExist lunch and there will also be a special challenge event.



Thank you to giber54, Mdeezy, Robelwilson, and timandweze for being such great hosts! We will be reaching out to other past event hosts in the future, so keep an eye on your inbox!

A special thank you to Robelwilson for submitting the details for this event! Also of note is that Robelwilson is the first player to earn the 85 Times Host badge, which is part of an expanded badge line we’ve created to honor hosts with above and beyond event counts! 

You can see a little teaser for the 100 Times Host badge below- it’s quite the spectacle! It’s a race to see who will get this badge first, though we’re sure Robelwilson is one of the ones to beat! Don’t forget we have “Fall Into Spring” Event Packages available for sale so what better time than the future to start earning those hosting badges!