Cyclops & Nymph Variants Complete the Set!

If you love characters from fantasy novels, movies, and shows, these new Mythological Munzee Variants should be right up your alley! You can now upgrade both the Cyclops and Nymph Mythological Munzees into new variants!

In celebration of completing the Myth Variant set we are also now allowing players to own multiples of the same Mythological Munzees! This was something a number of you indicated you would be interested in during our survey earlier in the year, another fun option for those who are interested. You can learn more details further down the blog, but check out the POB Collection in the Freeze Tag Online Store HERE!

Much like AlternaMyths, the Mythological Munzee Variants are twists on the original Myth types that allow them to bounce to other types of munzees. These variants are only available to Myths that have been “Upgraded.*”

All four of our new variants will have the same point values:

  • Deployment: N/A
  • Capture: 200 Points
  • CapOn: 100 Points

Minotaur Cyclops

This half-bull, half-man creature is more beast than buddy! This variant of the Cyclops Mythological Munzee charges to the following:

Balor Cyclops

This Irish giant may only have one eye, but he’ll give Medusa a run for her money! This variant of the Cyclops Mythological Munzee stomps to the following:

Vampire Nymph

She may be vegetarian, but that doesn’t mean your neck is safe! This variant of the Nymph Mythological Munzee flies to the following:

Elf Nymph

She may be a feast for the eyes, but she’s as deadly as she is beautiful! This variant of the Nymph Mythological Munzee floats to the following:

Upgrading Your Myth

Once your Myth is upgraded with the Bouncer Upgrade Credit, you can convert it to a new type similar to how you would convert any other type of munzee. Remember that you can only convert a Myth Variant once, and after a Myth has been changed, it cannot go back. The Bouncer Upgrade Credit also allows for the opportunity to “nudge” your Myth to a new munzee up to three times a day in the MHQ 24-hour day after it has sat for three hours. Plus it gives you the opportunity to rename your Myth to something personal and creative!

Points for Myth Variants will remain the same. Myth Variants will also continue counting toward their specific Myth badges just like normal. The only thing that changes with an Upgrade is what it bounces to, as well as a new capture icon in the Specials list. For more info on Variants visit the Munzee Help GuideCOMING SOON: Myth Variant badges! Details will be made available when those launch at a later date!

NEW Ability to Purchase Multiples of the Same Myth

If you can’t choose between an original myth and its variants, you now have the option to purchase another (base level) myth so you can own the whole set! We’ll be restocking past myths periodically, but for now Cyclops, Nymph, Leprechaun, and Mermaid Myths are available for multi-purchase! These 4 myths will be available in the store through Tuesday morning, May 26th. You may purchase up to 2 within 365 days. So if your original purchases were years ago you are able to buy 2 currently. If you purchased one of these myths in November you can only purchase one additional myth at this time.

To be clear you will be buying an additional base Myth. If you want the other variants you will still need to upgrade. For example, you must purchase a Mermaid in order to upgrade to a variant, you can not directly buy a Melusine Mermaid. You are also able to just own multiple of the base level myth, you do not have to upgrade if you want multiple leprechauns.

Here’s one more early bit of information, this weekend will be double points for all activity on all of the myths and variants in this post! All the details will be released tomorrow but Cyclops, Nymphs, Mermaids, Leprechauns, and all their variants will be double points!

With the addition of the new Cyclops and Nymphs, the set of Myth Variants is complete! Now that you can begin purchasing multiple Myths you can work toward completing the entire collection. Which variant will you be upgrading to today? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Munzee on!