Changes to Mythological Munzees

You may have noticed something different about the Mythological Munzees the past day. This morning, we altered some things, including:

  • Mythological Munzees can now be capped when being hosted by a munzee you own.
  • The web and app maps will show Mythological Munzees on your own munzees with the correct icons.
  • The app will show Mythological Munzees on the map even if you have your owned munzees filtered out.

These changes are only applicable to the Mythological Munzees and the munzees they land on (greenies and Physical Shamrocks). We want to make being able to cap Mythologicals more fair to players in less dense areas. This DOES NOT mean that you can cap your own greenies or Shamrocks when they are not hosting a Mythological Munzee.

This is currently being considered a trial run. We will be monitoring activity to make sure that this change is not being abused. If we discover that it is, we will revert the changes.

So get to capping! We hope you enjoy these changes. Munzee on!