Changes to Joining a Clan

By now, you’ve probably seen at least one of the posts we put out earlier this month encouraging you to give Clan Wars a try! While we’ll continue to monitor your feedback on the Clan War Requirements, they aren’t the only things we’re looking to change and improve.

We want to ensure a competitive and fair battleground, so certain changes have been made regarding how players can join a clan. Moving forward players will only be able to join a clan until the 12th of each month. After the 12th you will be unable to join a new clan. When the 13th day of the month starts at MHQ it will be TOO late.

To help newer players take part in Clan Wars we’ll still allow accounts 90 days old and under to join all month long, but we still encourage solidifying your team by the 12th. We appreciate your understanding that these changes will benefit the integrity of Clan Wars as a whole.

As part of the app update that enforces this change, error popups have been added that will clearly show this new rule. That way, even those who haven’t yet seen this post should be aware of the new rule once they see the popups. This goes into effect October 13, 2022 – so be sure you join a clan BEFORE then if you are interested this month.

Munzee on!